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Seating is a really important purchase for your office, ensuring the comfort and fitness of staff!  With 70% of office workers suffering from back problems at some point in their working lives, it is important to have an office chair that suits more than just your basic needs. "An average operator chair will travel more than 7 miles in a year! With staff sitting in them 7-8 hours a day 5 days a week"

Things to consider 

Does the user suffer with back or other pains? There are many different reasons that the user may suffer with pains but a common item added to chairs now is a Lumbar support. If they have any underlying conditions they may need an assessment to ensure they are getting the correct chair.

How long does the user sit in the chair? The average chair is designed for 8hrs usage, do they need a 24hr chair.

Is the user over 115Kg (18 Stone)? The standard weight a chair supports is around 115KG 18 stone if the user is above this weight consider adding a metal base or finding a chair tested to a higher weight tolerance. Chairs can break if the user if over the weight tolerance and we will never recommend putting staff at risk!

Where is the chair being used? Is a special fabric needed - waiting rooms in healthcare facilities sometimes use antimicrobial fabric or wipe clean vinyl to prevent the spread of infection! We have ranges of seating that can be made in these fabrics.



FOLDING ARMS Fold arms down and out of the way. Easier movement and access to desks

SEAT SLIDE Enables you to get the appropriate level of under-thigh support without restricting circulation – good for taller users.  

SEAT TILT This opens up the pelvic angle which will improve the "S" shape of your spine when sitting, reducing the load on your spine and improving blood flow

METAL BASE They don’t only just look goodMetal bases are recommended for users over 115kg (18 Stone)

LUMBAR/BACK SUPPORT Pump up/down or mechanical device in the backrest which changes the contour of the backrest to fit the lumbar (small of the back)

SYNCHRO MECHANISM Synchronised seat & back Angle Adjustment – can be set to free float or locked in position.

INDEPENDENT SEAT TILT & SLIDE The seat can be moved forward adjusting the depth to accommodate different sized users and moves independently from the seat tilt giving a greater personalisation to individual users.

RATCHET BACK The seat back moves up or down to adjusting to suit the height of the user.

INFLATABLE SEAT PAD An adjustable 2-chamber air-cushion integrated in the seat pad. Promotes free regular movement and sitting posture.

Executive Chairs & Managers Chairs


 Larger chairs with tilt action movement on most as standard.


Operator Chairs


The most common of all office chairs! Can be bought as standard or with the maximum number of adjustable features.

ASK ABOUT OUR Our range of operator seating is that is made to order so you can add on those bits you need to get comfortable! Great value, quality & they also hold a 5 Year Guarantee and we have many more manufactueres where these chairs can be made to order to suit a users requirements!

ERGONOMIC and 24/7 Chairs


Operator or manager seating that has the additional lumbar and or heavy duty mechanisms for 24hrs use.

Multipurpose Chairs


Deskside, visitor, meeting room, conference room and training room use!

Reception Seating


Chairs especially designed for the reception area